The universal language that anyone can understand is music and this amazing medium is capable of reaching deeper than any other form of communication on the planet! At least that's what I believe and I don't mind saying so.

In all its widely spread forms, music spans the human aural capacity to hear, decipher and enjoy its emotive force on all fronts. Such is the power of this most acceptable of sense-driven creations.

Emotional Stimulus

traditional musicOne of the most surprisingly potent of music's capabilities is that of stimulating a wide variety of emotions in the listener at all parts of the spectrum. This can range from deeply moody and upsetting to uplifting and joyful in the extreme.

It's not just classical forms of music that can do this, either. All forms have their in-built ability to rouse emotional response from the listener and indeed, musical therapies exist to successfully help people overcome debilitating conditions where other remedies fail.

It is in its very emotional stimulation that music can have a dramatic effect on a person's physical as well as mental state. This is because we now know that a person's health is affected by their predominant thoughts which are driven by their emotions.

A happy, care-free person with a predominantly positive outlook on life tends to have better health and live longer than a depressed, gloomy person with a predominantly negative outlook. Many medical and scientific tests and researches have been performed in an attempt to understand this phenomenon and how music can be used to effectively alter a person's mental and emotional state just by choosing a certain type of tune.

Musical Modality

The tone of a piece of music and its predominant key structure can literally change a person's mood in an instant. A dark, moody piece played in mostly minor keys can cause a person to feel gloomy and lead to depression, whereas a lively, uplifting piece played mostly in major keys can have the opposite effect and bring about a happy, jovial mood.

This knowledge has been used to great effect for centuries by great composers of the classics and in modern times by popular musicians and bands as well as advertisers and jungle writers. It is well known that in order to promote a certain product, the piece of music used in its advertising campaign can not only greatly assist in its success, but can actually become associated with the product itself, triggering a memory response in people that have been repeatedly exposed to the advertisement or advertising project.

Likewise, big store owners know that by playing background music of certain types to shoppers can increase sales and actually reduce theft!

The Power of Music

So in this section of the website, I will be taking all things related to music itself and exploring them in greater detail in a series of info articles that you should find interesting and informative. Please take a moment to look at the titles below and simply click on the one that takes your interest to open the page and enjoy at no charge!

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