Reduce the symptoms of stress, improve well being,
sleep better and get all the benefits of meditation
just by listening to relaxation music

People who meditate are healthier and happier than people who don't. They live longer and have less stress, less fear, less anxiety, less anger and less depression. They sleep better and roll with the ups and downs better. They laugh more. They're more creative.

People who meditate have better emotional well being and psychological well being than people who don't meditate. Fact is, studies show that people who meditate produce more "happy" brain chemicals than people who don't meditate. So why doesn't everyone meditate?

Meditating looks easy, but it's not!

Oh sure, it looks easy. You close your eyes and sit there. Except your brain starts chattering. And you start feeling dumb for doing zen monk imitations while you can't stop thinking about the stresses that are piling on. And you're not feeling any calmer. You're getting impatient.

Learning to meditate is frustrating. And boring. It takes a long time just to learn to quiet the mind chatter, never mind find that zen state of mind where the benefits kick in. You don't have 4 hours a day to sit around o-h-m-ing like a zen guru. And fashion aside, yoga pants don't help.

Here's the tricky part of meditation...

Meditation isn't just sitting there and suddenly becoming all zen. Doesn't work that way. All day, your brain produces brainwaves. If you could peek inside your head with an EEG when you're stressed out, you'd see that your brain is firing off 30, 40 or up to 70 electrical impulses every second. Relax, and your brainwaves slow down. Asleep, they're even slower.

The tricky part of meditation is that the goal is to slow down your brainwaves. At will. On command. Easier said than done. But there's an easier way - and it works every time - at the click of a button.

Music Can Take You to Zen, Too - Except It's Faster.

Our minds do this amazing thing. They synchronize with any sound frequency we're exposed to for more than 8 minutes. So, if you're filled with anxiety and your stomach is in knots, your brainwaves are probably racing up over 20 hz. But, put on some nice 10 hz relaxation music, and in just minutes, your mind will start to synch to the music. Stress starts to dissipate.

Mind Music is Much More Than Stress Relief

When you achieve a meditative state on a regular basis, you develop more neural connections between the right and left hemispheres of your brain. Scientists call it "whole brain" thinking, and it creates profound changes in your mind and body.

You'll work better, feel better, think better. You'll sleep better, feel less stressed and more energized; happier, with less tension, less anxiety, less depression and more inner calm.

Just a Few of the Benefits of Mind Music

All This From Listening To Music? Absolutely!

It simply doesn't get any easier. No struggling to calm your mind. No worrying about mind chatter. Just press play - and listen. Listen with stereo headphones if you prefer, or use stereo speakers to listen with your whole body. It just does not get any easier!

Try Before You Buy

Completely synchronizing your mind to music takes about 8-10 minutes. While our sample tracks are a bit shorter, they'll let you try before you buy. As you listen to the rain, night sounds and singing bowls, you will start to feel yourself responding... unwinding. Enjoy!

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